The session or shoot fee is based on the time required for the photographer to take photos to complete the assignment. Shoot time is charged at $200/hour. Travel and setup time is charged at $100/hour.

Within 24/48 hours of the shoot, a private web gallery will be created which will contain the proofs. The proofs will have been processed by the photographer and will have been corrected for exposure and color. More elaborate correction services (such as blemish removal/wrinkle reduction etc) are available on an hourly basis and charged at $100/hour.

Digital Images

When you purchase a digital negative you obtain a license which determines what you may do with the image.

A personal-use license allows you to make non-commercial use of the image for display on personal websites and computers, and for making prints. Portrait and wedding clients will most often choose this license. A commercial license allows you to use the images in commercial advertising/marketing activities.

The full resolution digital image files will be available for download from a private web gallery.

Prices for digital negatives are shown below:

Single 10 Package 50 Package 100 Package
Personal License $50 $300 $500 $750
Commercial License $100 $600 - -


Printing is extremely important to us. We make every effort to ensure that your prints are of the highest quality. At each stage from image capture to printing we use a sophisticated color management system ensuring that the final printed colors are beautifully vivid and accurate.

We have two options for printing - online prints and custom prints. Online prints are ordered directly from your online gallery and are printed through a professional lab and mailed directly to your home. Custom prints are ordered through the photographer and are printed and evaluated by the photographer in consultation with the client to ensure the best possible print.

Our professional cameras take photo’s in 3:2 aspect ratio. The preferred print sizes are shown in italic. Prints which are not 3:2 aspect will be cropped (e.g. 8x10). We can also print custom sizes.

Size Online Custom Mounted
4x6 $10 - -
5x7 $15 - -
6x9 $20 - -
8x10 $30 $38 $57
8x12 $30 $38 $57
11x14 $50 $63 $95
10x15 $50 $63 $95
12x18 $75 $94 $141


We offer professional mounting of custom prints onto Gator board. Gator board is an extremely rigid and light weight material. The print is permanently adhered to the Gator board using a professional process. The result is a beautiful borderless print which can be directly mounted onto the wall.

Prices do not reflect California sales tax. Prices effective 2015 and are subject to change

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